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Building Tour Family Visits

Please stop by to say hello and take a quick tour of our buildings! See attached schedule of upcoming dates and times (click on heading above). We hope to see you soon!

2018-19 Preschool Enrollment

Enrollment begins after the February 13th Open House. Please plan to join us at 5:00 PM on Tuesday February 13th, to learn more about our programs and our registration process. We look forward to seeing you!
2018-19 Preschool Enrollment Featured Photo

Kindergarten Round-Up

Join us February 28th at Lakeview High School in the Cafeteria for the 2018-2019 Kindergarten Round-Up. Childcare is provided. To reserve your spot contact Alyssa Calderon at (586) 445-4000 ext. 7514. or acalderon@scslakeview-k12.com .
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Upcoming Events

Board of Educaiton

Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Wheat Educational Campus, Board Room, 27575 Harper, SCS
4 Sep

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